Terasa Fadem has been designing her line of knitwear for 5 years. Although her degree is in Business, her talent has always been with art, fashion, and color. During her work as an artist and jewelry designer, she was first exposed to knitting in 2003 and has been retailing her designs since 2004. This area of fashion combines the areas of art and design that she enjoys the most.

Her signature fabrication, using wool-based yarn that is very light weight but warm, is the core of most her collection. In addition, she uses the finest quality materials available, such as cashmere, merino wool, silk, mohair, and other fibers. Many of the materials used are hand dyed to give her garments exquisite depth of color. All of her creations are finished with the utmost attention to detail, providing her designs with a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

Terasa's passion is the use of color to create interest and appeal in her designs. While she believes the use of neutrals is important, Terasa also explores with color in her knitwear. Her belief is that color evokes mood and can change one's outlook. Everyone has their story to tell. Her story is to have vision in being creative and innovative. Terasa's designs take knitwear to a new level of luxury and sophistication for the modern woman.