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I just wanted to share with all of you  that while spring is in the air, fashion design houses are looking towards the fall/winter of 2010.  I am providing a heads up for the color palate of this season.  These colors are forecasted by Pantone.  They are the color geniuses.  These are their color choices :

Endive – Yellow Green
Golden Glow – Orange with yellow base
Living Coral – What I think is a true coral color, nice balance.  It is said that this coral and darker shades are universally flattering to everyone skin tone.
Purple Orchid – Purple with pink base.  One of my favorite colors.
Lipstick Red – True red, and more of a cool base.
Chocolate Truffle – A rich brown color.  Looks fabulous with Purple Orchid
Woodbine – Darker green with still a yellow base
Lagoon – Pretty blue leaning to turquoise
Oyster Grey – Light gray
Rose Dust – Pale muted pink

You can go to the pantone web site for further must haves for the season.

I will repeat again,  my love of color will always be in the limelight, but  I do respect neutrals.  One can never have enough black.  Just be brave and incorporate with color. I promise you it will change your mood.

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  1. Rhonda Kronley says:

    I am excited that for now you are in Tulsa! I know you belong on NYC’s 5th avenue or trendy resort botique but am grateful to know you! Looking forward to all of your creations and generous assistance!

  2. Beautiful site. I love to burst of color and as always your garments are works of art. Congrats!

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