How does one define style? Well, there are many definitions.  I encourage everyone to have fun and wear the things you enjoy.  It is important to try and get out of your comfort zone.  You might see someone and like what they are wearing.  I can tell you by my retail experience, so often you will try on a similar look and simply shake your head and just say I can't wear this.  This is partly due to the fact you are trying something different.  It feels strange and unfamiliar. You are seeing your self in a different way.  The challenge lies in attitude!  Own it!!!! Style is not buying a complete matchy matchy look.  It is not wrong, but it just isn't a unique style.  Millions are wearing the same exact look.  Purchasing basics that can be broken up to wear with other items is the easiest to begin creating your style.  You can wear separates a multitude of ways.  I find this style tip for myself helpful.  I take something expensive and pair it with something that is less expensive.  This gives things a more unique look.  I also enjoy mixing textures.  Never underestimate the power of accessories! Good accessories are essential! The great news is you can invest in this type of item and it does matter what size you are. This gives an outfit a more modern twist. The key is just have fun!!